Facade Inspections

Knowing is half the battle. But when it comes to building facades, knowing is more like 90% of the battle. That’s why we provide precise, thorough facade inspection services.

Whether the inspection requires formal studies, stabilization, preventative maintenance programs, or inspection openings, our staff of restoration experts provide these services under a variety of fee structures.

For our Detroit customers, we are the premiere choice for fulfilling the mandatory five-year Detroit Façade Ordinance, Section 9-1-35.

How does the inspection work? 

The Grunwell-Cashero “Blueprint” 

  • We photo-document the building or structure and note in great detail the restoration work that will be completed under the agreement. 
  • This process is invaluable in establishing priorities, and removing any confusion by illustrating the necessary work in easy-to-understand terms.

Facade Access

We are experts in finding ways to safely access the façade, using different techniques like a swing stage, mast climbers, or aerial entry. We never underestimate how important it is to keep the integrity of your building’s façade intact and undamaged.

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