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What We Do

 Skilled work, backed by decades of expertise, gives you the peace-of-mind you deserve.

Why Choose

For 70 years, our family-owned and operated business has proudly served the construction industry, exceeded client expectations, and delivered superior service year after year. All because we do things the right way. With offices in Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland, we have restored and preserved some of the most prestigious structures across the Midwest.

Our Process

No matter the size of the job, we take great pride in delivering end-to-end care. From the bid, to the project, to completion, we treat our customers like family.


We thoroughly examine the potential job to make sure we address all visible issues. Once the full scope of the problem has been diagnosed, we’ll walk you through our findings to make sure we’re on the same page.


We specialize in difficult and challenging projects, and take pride in preserving and restoring buildings to their original beauty.


When the job’s done, you won’t even know we were there — we take great care to perfectly match existing materials, such as brick, mortar and stone.

“Grunwell-Cashero has worked for us on many different types of projects throughout the years. Building envelopes to parking garage issues have all been completed on time and under budget — with the sensitivity of keeping us operational. The field staff compliments the professionalism from their office staff making these projects successful. Communication, attention to detail, and their extensive knowledge leads our institution to Grunwell-Cashero for these services. We’re fortunate to have this company serving our staff and patients.”  

    David Milhouse
    Director, Design and Construction
    Bon Secours Mercy Health

    “If you are looking for a construction company to repair or maintain your old Church building, inside or outside, big or small, please do what we have been doing for 25 years. Call. Sounds like an old advertisement slogan? Wait until you work with them, from planning to every single phase of the project, each person involved in it gave us their best.”

    Adrian Prundeanu
    Facilities Manager
    First Presbyterian Church

    “Grunwell Cashero has been a go-to for all of our building restoration needs at our lifestyle and strip centers for the last 10 years. Stark Enterprises values the relationship that has been built and trusts that each project will exceed our expectations.” 

    Krista Schill
    Sr. Vice President of Commercial Operations
    Stark Enterprises Inc.